Support for Senior Leaders in schools

Support for Senior Leaders in schools and 

related change management challenges

How can the required change be managed?

'I think it starts at the top of the school. It starts with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team. We decided that technology was going to be a way to enhance teaching and learning. So we separated the computing curriculum from what we actually wanted in the way of teaching children's skills and to use technology to enhance learning.'

Robyn Bruce - Headteacher Cubitt Town Primary School

'So ultimately, this is about change management, which begins by creating a need for the change and a sense of excitement around the change, and that can be done by providing people with lots: lots of information, lots of examples of things that are going really well by giving people the opportunity to talk about the things that they aren't happy with at the moment, the things that they would like to change, the things that could be improved as a result of this change.'

Jo Franklin - CEO The Letta Trust

Support SLT understanding and vision

Expert leaders from Microsoft and Google offer their perspectives on effective adoption of cloud platforms.