Lansbury Lawrence Primary School

Lansbury Lawrence Primary School is a creative and successful, multi-cultural nursery and primary school in the heart of Poplar in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets taking children from ages 3-11.

How does technology help you achieve your school T&L vision and ethos?

Owen O'Regan, Headteacher at Lansbury Lawrence, discusses how technology supports all stakeholders in the school.

Bernard McNerney, Computing Leader, explains how technology is used by ALL pupils as they progress through Lansbury Lawrence Primary School.

How can schools involve their wider school community in the adoption of new approaches to teaching & learning?

Bernard McNerney, Computing Leader, explains how they made progress during lockdown in engaging parents and children through their online platform.

The experience allowed strengthening of home-school links with parents. The technology is allowing the sharing of best practice and furthering the support pupils and parents get with home learning and also allowing the school to develop parental skills with technology use.

How can the required change be managed?

The main priority is ensuring teachers and staff are confident and competent when it comes to using technology in the classroom in their daily teaching. The school ensure that we provide lots of CPD opportunities for them.

The whole school are using Digital Skills Assignments every week for all teachers and all support staff across the school and are aiming to become a Google Reference School in the future!

Device ratios – what difference does it make to teaching & learning?

Owen O'Regan, Headteacher at Lansbury Lawrence, explains the range of technology he inherited when he first took over the post as Headteacher.

The school invested in cheaper devices through Bridge the Divide working towards, and ultimately achieving, 1:1 devices across the school from Y1-6. This has made a huge difference, especially in terms of ad hoc use such as to practise spelling, times tables or to undertake research for example.

How can schools secure the necessary investment resources?

There are lots of organisations and charities who are willing to work with schools to help secure funding. Find that network, be brave - make that phone call to a financial institution or company looking to support their community. The worst that can happen is that they say no! We have found many organisations are willing to support schools as an outlet for their social corporate responsibilities to the community.

Do you have a mixed economy of devices? Why?

Value for money is at the heart of our decisions; is it right for our families and our pupils? What works best for OUR children?

We invested in devices from the Bridge the Divide campaign - we knew that we could trust the devices LGfL were selling. We knew they would be dependable, affordable and the right devices for our children in the classroom.

How do you measure impact of the role of technology on improving standards?

Engagement has increased but also the technology has been invaluable in terms of assessment. The pupils have immediate feedback and the teacher has rich data to allow to plan for the next lesson and it also reduces the teacher workload.

How can technology accelerate the development of inclusive practices?

Technology is one of the many resources used to support inclusive practices; there is a plethora of online resources that can help with a holistic approach to support pupils.

How can you measure the progress made in the development of technology use?

Digital technology is an enabler for the School Development/Improvement Plan, so the evaluation is part and parcel of the whole project.