Measuring impact

How do you measure the impact of technology on improving standards? 

'I have an instantaneous snapshot of which children are ready to progress and which children need for their support. I can take that feedback, discuss it with my maths lead, discuss it with my partner teacher, and have really rich, powerful discussions that would have taken me probably several hours previously if I had to gather all their books and mark them one by one. Now I can do that in a couple of minutes at the end of a lesson.'

Bernard McNerney  - Lansbury Lawrence Primary School

'In education, we always want to think about the impact of what we did. And there are a plethora of ways that you can do this, and they are not all just linked to pupil outcomes; we did a lot of student voice talking to students about what their experience was like of online learning. We also spoke to parents, we spoke to carers and we spoke to teachers to get their feedback on what worked and what did not work.'

Paul Gardner: Deputy Headteacher

'So last year, we were able to measure the impact of this technology on pupils in two ways. We tracked the group of children who had been involved in the Connecting Communities Project across the year to see how their progress and attainment compared to other pupils...The other thing that we were able to measure was the engagement of children during the lockdown period in the spring term last year.'

Jo Franklin - CEO The Letta Trust