Digital Strategy for Schools in Tower Hamlets

Discover how these Tower Hamlets schools are:

Tower Hamlets Local Authority is working in partnership with LGfL to develop communities of practice that share expertise and experiences relating to:

The Tower Hamlets Digital Strategy for Schools is their template for their support;  this portal features schools already making effective use of technology who have shared their experiences for the benefit of other schools within and beyond the Tower Hamlets community.

Tower Hamlets School Case Studies

What role has the LA had in helping increase with device ratios?

'Thanks to our local borough, Tower Hamlets, we were able to communicate with other computing leads and school business managers in the community. We were able to secure generous donations that the borough made. We were also able to share ideas and examples between schools where there were opportunities for either free devices that would support families at home during lockdown.'

Bernard McNerney  - Lansbury Lawrence Primary School

What role has Tower Hamlets LA had in the successful adoption of technology at Swanlea?

'A key milestone in our work as a school, indeed within the Local Authority, has been the partnership that we've had with EdTech. Selda Ziya, in particular, has worked fantastically with us as a school. Signposting us to the resourcing and the infrastructure and the software, indeed the hardware that allows us ideally to become, over time, a beacon borough across London in terms of ICT provision.'

Kabir Miah - Deputy Headteacher

Bradley Dardis (LGfL) interviews attendees at the Tower Hamlets EdTech support event

The LGfL Curriulcum team attended the Tower Hamlets Google for Education training support session and captured the thoughts , aspirations and early  impact of the Tower Hamlets EdTech hub.

Developing Digital Guide and Toolkit

A guide and toolkit for schools and leaders.

EdTech have worked with educators, senior leaders and companies to understand how to develop longer term approaches to education technology to support teaching and learning.